Post-Op for Frenectomy

Post-Op Instructions for Frenectomy

The goal is to have the frenum heal and re-form as far back as possible.

With a clean or gloved finger, lift the tongue at the top of the diamond in the middle of the tongue. Your goal is to see the whole diamond open up and lengthen. It may bleed slightly when it is stretched or re-opened. This is not a cause of concern. Begin doing this the morning after the treatment. Try to make a game of it, if possible, and keep it playful.

Repeat this 3 times a day, at various times during the day, for 3 weeks.

Encourage the child to move the tongue as much as possible by sticking it out and holding for 10 seconds, out to the left, right, wide open and left up, making clicking noises and clean off the teeth. Do these exercises as often as possible but try for 4 times a day.

The released area will form a wet scab after the first day. It will appear white or yellow and soft because it is wet. This area is what you will be pressing against. The healing will be happening under the scab, just like a scrape anywhere else in the body. The white area will get smaller each day, but healing is still happening! So even though the white scab will heal, you MUST continue the stretching or the new frenum will not be as long as possible and the surgery may need to be repeated.

Your child can eat whatever foods he or she can tolerate. Pain relief is needed for the first few days. Give Motrin (Ibuprofen) or Tylenol.

The wound will be sore for a few days. In one week it will look much better and in two weeks will look almost normal.

A slight fever is normal the first day after treatment.